I am now feeling a lot less anxious, I feel grounded, calm. Something I have been looking for all my life, really.

I have started working with Ena after I have been through some big changes in my life during the last year or so. I felt like the ground has disappeared from underneath my feet, everything I have known had gone.

I knew I wanted a better life for myself but didn’t know where I was going wrong. Where I am going wrong. Ena offered to help me and after a short chat, we have created a plan to move forward.

Her loving but direct approach and questions brought up lots of lost memories that have played a massive role in creating some very unhealthy patterns.

I have, of course, repeated those patterns over and over in my life without knowing I was doing it. Since our first session, I have realised lots of truths about myself and they keep coming up daily.

I am amazed at how positive and revealing this one session has been, I can’t wait to discover more! I am now feeling a lot less anxious, I feel grounded, calm.

Something I have been looking for all my life really. Thank you so much, Ena, the time we spend together is beyond precious.

Martina Paul

Ena is a very talented coach. Her ability to tackle anything that comes up in a coaching session is a testament to her capability, empathy, and dedication to her trade.

I would trust Ena with anything and know she’s 100% capable of holding space for me.

It’s an added bonus that she’s so supportive of trans people like me: a lot of coaches are not inclusive practitioners, even if they are kind.

Ena puts the work in to hold the space that I need.

Harris Eddie Hill

Ena is a mindset master and helps you unlock your potential to become unstoppable.

She gives you easy-to-handle tools that expand your awareness and see just how amazing your purpose is!

I am truly honoured to have had coaching with her and if you are looking for a coach to drive you forward.

This is your go-to woman!

Trina Cavanagh Thomas

I was getting a message from within to take one month off from my business, but I just couldn’t.

I have been working through the limitations around the energy of receiving for a while and there was still something missing. Ena guided me to reconnect with my higher self, even though I initially couldn’t visualise or connect to anything.

She took time to find what resonated with me, I talked about the symbol of a Fire Dancer which really resonated with me, and with her skillful guidance, I was able to recognise how this symbol relates to me and what energies it represents.

I finally understood that I am on the edge of something big and it is to receive what I am meant to receive. That the trust must be there.

I got all of my answers in the consciousness journey she led me through and my intuition was telling me to take a month off from my business, I was dreaming about it for some time, but my inner logician couldn’t accept this.

With Ena’s guidance, I was able to work through the logical part of me, take the aligned, quantum action, book a live dancing event (where I embodied the Fire Dancer). I felt my heart open and I released some emotions. It truly felt ecstatic and just today I have signed a new client for one year into my 1-2-1 coaching.

I made a decision to lead the Discovery Call from my higher mind and be detached and it happened with ease. Thank you so much Ena for this wonderful experience.

After the session with Ena, I took time, I took quantum action and just today I have signed a new client for one year into my 1-2-1 coaching. 

Eva Holtakova

As soon as the session started Ena went straight into it. Her direct-to-the-point questions felt triggering, I felt my blood pumping up, my heart felt like it was about to burst and, despite everything, I felt immense energy and calm.

I felt seen, nudged deep down to check in with my soul, I felt understood, and I felt incredible relief and peace. 

There was no judgment, just the right amount of really direct, targeted and effective questions and guidance, so I could discover my real raw feelings about what was holding me in that numb state of fear and guilt combined with a lack of self-love.

I felt like Ena knows me inside out and I was able to be so comfortable and let out everything without withholding because I didn’t feel shame like in so many other therapy sessions I’ve had with different people before.

Even though she says she’s a divine awakener, her superpower is that she is normally special, like me and you. Down to earth.

She’s a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a neighbour, an ex-colleague to someone, a self-employed freelancer, a coach and a guide, all different roles that bring in more than she writes in her description. Which makes an incredible difference in the way she works.

It’s not only about her professional experience, she’s recommendable, she’s done every course, accreditation, and practice!

It’s also about her humanly, reality-bound, and compassionate ways of bringing out to the surface all the weight.

All this whilst taking your hand along the way and transforming it into clouds, holding the space for you to be you.

To be real and raw, so that eventually, you get to understand and embrace yourself, your soul, your dreams, and your feelings, as they are and as you want to transform them into BE-ing next!

Thank you, Ena, I appreciate and value your work a lot! ?

I highly recommend working with Ena!

Bianca Son

It has been the most challenging time of my life where nothing I was trying to do to get my energy and drive back, was working.

I was very frustrated and even angry with myself that I could not switch things around. I felt disconnected from my roots and my higher self, and I knew those were the reasons why I couldn’t achieve my greatness and I felt stuck.

So I knew I needed to try something different and that was when Ena magically appeared ?✨ We had a very deep conversation and even without revealing all the details, I felt Ena got me so well.

I’m very shy and introverted. It’s hard for me to share my deepest feelings and struggles even with my closest ones.

But in the conversation with Ena, I felt safe and she led the way I was revealing my deepest struggles and fears without really talking about what had happened.

Then Ena did the activation with me. It wasn’t the first time I had one, so I knew what to expect, but this time it was different. I know when she was taking me through the journey, she was leading the way she felt was the best for me as it unfolded.

Just when I thought we were about to wrap up, she took me on the best part. She knew exactly what I needed and it has happened right there!!! She led me right in front of my higher self, after a long, long time I finally connected.

Standing eye to eye was an experience I had never had before!

My power is back and the best part is every time I close my eyes I can connect to the best version of myself and be led by her.

It is THAT what I’ve been missing for so long, THANK YOU Ena for making this happen ?? ?
You are sooooo talented!!! ?

Anna Langa

Working with Ena Bautista was nothing short of amazing. Before our session together I was feeling stuck in my business, my life felt out of alignment and I didn’t know what else to try anymore.

During our session, I discovered something that has been a core underlying belief of mine since being in uterine.

With Ena’a moving guidance I was able to let go of this belief that I had been holding on for over 48 years.

Since our session I’ve had more clarity into business, situations that had been stuck in my life are aligning and moving forward quicker than anticipated.

Thank you Ena for a truly magical, life-transforming experience ?

Jacqui Bourne

Ena’s loving approach, caring personality and sharp focus is making every minute of coaching worthwhile.

Her natural ability to sense you and your struggles will make you feel understood, supported and safe with her.

From that space you will reach your own answers and should you get momentarily confused, her guidance will gently lead you back towards to your own solutions.

Thank you for our time together Ena

Barbara Soltesz

Ena helped me with a challenge I’ve had for YEARS, related to showing up as myself online.

Some places on social media felt unsafe and threatening to me.

Ena guided me through a process that helped me change my beliefs around this topic, in a safe and kind way.

After the session, I felt a huge shift, the fear was gone! Quite unbelievable really.

Thank you Ena!

Paulien Pierik

Ena as a coach is 100% focused on her client at the moment.

Her mind picks up very precisely the unhealthy beliefs and unwanted behaviors that you want to work on, even not being fully aware of the full set of them.

She has the ability to go deeper into the core of the issue and create such a safe and understanding environment that opening becomes only natural.

Her toolbox allows her to solve issues really quickly.

She has a soothing, encouraging, and wonderfully pleasant personality that helps to see things we normally do not pay attention to.

Maggie Biernacka