Everyone has their own idea of the role of a Virtual Assistant. In my time as a Virtual Assistant, I’ve heard different myths. Sometimes it can lead to clients feeling disappointed as some things weren’t as expected. Other time, it can also make entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable about hiring much-needed help.

Here is the list of 4 most common myths I’ve encountered:

MYTH 1: “Once I outsource work to a Virtual Assistant I don’t have to put any further efforts.”

For the first few weeks, you might find yourself working a little bit more than you’ve expected. You’ll probably be thinking: “I’ve hired this VA to make my life easier, why do I have to work so much?” The reason behind it is that you’ll have to think about the tasks that you want to outsource, make a list of the work, explain how you want things done and communicate with your Virtual Assistant. VA will have questions about the work and on some occasions, you’ll also have to review the work before it’s finalised. All that takes time and the longer you work with your VA, the less time you’ll have to spend on giving instructions.

MYTH 2: “A Virtual Assistant should already know how I want the tasks to be done.”

Kind of. You see, us VA’s have the experience working with different clients and even though our clients might be from the same industry, they are people with different traits, experiences and backgrounds. Each of our clients wants some things done in a certain way. So we do our best to get to know each client and adjust the way we work with each client individually. Again, a proper communication is the key both of you are satisfied with the collaboration.

MYTH 3: “I don’t have enough work to give to a Virtual Assistant. I’ll just wait until I have more workload.”

You really don’t have to wait until you are so busy to outsource work. You can outsource even the simplest things, which might take as little as 2 hours a month, but it will allow you to spend those 2 hours on something that will bring you money. You really don’t want to wait until you’re too busy because getting someone to help you out will definitely take some of your time.

MYTH 4: “I can’t trust a Virtual Assistant with my passwords.”

You don’t have to reveal any log-in details to your Virtual Assistant. By using LastPass you can give access to a Virtual Assistant without revealing any confidential details. I’ve written a blog post on how you can do that. You can read it here.

Have you changed your mind about the role of Virtual Assistant and what they can do for you? Do you have any questions that you would like to know before hiring?

Let me know in the comments bellow. I’d love to know.