Imagine you’re sending emails back and forth with 5 of your clients. You’re working on something, the clients have many questions, and after few days, several email threads. You can’t even remember when did they send you what, and you need to scroll through the sea of other emails.

Today I am going to show you how to create folders/labels in Gmail. This will greatly reduce scrolling as you’ll be able to check all emails received from one client in a click of a button. This is still a great addition to any other project management tools and systems you have.

You can also separate and organise all emails that go under your admin, like receipts, confirmations for events, etc.

The preparation

Step 1.
Think about what folders do you want to have. Let’s say you want to have folder CLIENTS, with subfolders for each individual client, MY ADMIN for your admin related emails, TO DO for any emails that you need to take action on, IN PROGRESS – WAITING for emails that you are waiting for a response.

Creating the labels and filters

Step 2.
Create parent folders. In this example, we will create parent folder CLIENTS, MY ADMIN, TO DO, IN PROGRESS – WAITING. You can do that by going into Settings > Labels > Create new label – by clicking on the gear box in the upper left corner. You can also do that by clicking on the arrow with “More” > “Create New Label“.


Create a new label


Step 3.
We will create a filter for a “Client A”. All messages coming from “Client A” will have one filter. This will make it easy to add any previous emails you’ve exchanged with CLIENT A to accompanying folder. Open the email from “Client A“. Click on the arrow in the left corner, then click “Filter messages like this“.

Filter messages like this


Step 4.
Click on “Create filter with this search“.

Create filters with this search


Step 5.
Under “Apply the label” click on “New label…” Once you’ve created a label and named it “Client A“, click to nest it under the label “CLIENTS“, then click “Create“.

Add new label


Nest the label


Step 6.
Tick the boxApply the labelso the label will be applied to the emails coming from that client in future,Never send it to Spamso you don’t miss out on emails,Also apply to 1 matching conversationso the previous emails will be sorted to appropriate labels.

Create the label - tick the boxes


Step 7.
View the labels you’ve created by clicking on the labelCLIENTSthen click onClient A. You will be able to see emails from “Client A”.

View the created labels


Step 8.
If you open the email from “Client A” you will be able to see the label in the preview of the email.

View labels within the email


That’s it! Now repeat the steps for each client you want to add to “CLIENTS” folder and for any other folders/labels you want to create.

If you don’t feel like doing this yourself, you can ask your Virtual Assistant to organise this for you.

Was that difficult? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments.