You’ve received yet another email from a client asking you the same question. You hit reply and start writing the same email all over again. Let me stop you there. Use that time to create a canned response. Next time you get an email that requires the exact same response, you can insert pre-written text, customise it if necessary and just hit “Send” within seconds.

Before you start doing it would be great to know what to write in there.

You can go to your “Sent” folder and have a look. Are there any emails that are repetitive? Or at least some parts of the email that are pretty much the same? Use that to create a canned response so you don’t have to write it every time. This will save you time in future.

If you’re using Gmail, whether you have a free account or G Suite for business, this is how you can do it.


Step 1.
Log into your Gmail account.

Step 2.
Click on the gear icon in the upper left corner and click on “Settings” to open.

Enable Canned responses

Step 3.
Click on “Labs”.

Step 4.
Look for “Canned Responses”. Select “Enable”.

Step 5.
Click on “Save changes”.

Save changes

Creating a new Canned Response

Step 6.
Go through your “Sent” emails folder and check for repetitive emails or parts of the email that you are often writing. What are the questions that you’re frequently asked by your clients? Can you create a template out of it? Highlight and copy the text you want to use as a template.

Step 7.
Create a new email by clicking on “Compose”.

Step 8.
Paste the text that you’ve copied from a sent email or type the text in.

Step 9.
Look for the arrow in the bottom left part and click on it. Hover over “Canned responses”, then click on “New canned response”.

Create a new Canned Response

Step 10.
Type up the desired name of the canned response so you can easily refer to it in future. Click “Ok”.

Name the canned response

Inserting the canned response into email

Step 11.
Create a new email by clicking on “Compose” or click “Reply” to an email you’ve received.

Step 12.
Click on the arrow in the bottom left corner, hover over “Canned responses”, then “Insert” the desired response template.


Step 13. Make any further adjustments if needed and click “Send”.

Voila! That’s it. That wasn’t that difficult, right?

It’s simple actions like these that save us time and make us more productive. This gives us an opportunity to use that time to do something else – spend additional 10-15 minutes with our partners, kids or taking some time for ourselves.