A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’ve noticed a comment from one lady. I was surprised to read that she doesn’t know what work to give to her Virtual Assistant. She knew she needed help but wasn’t sure how a VA can help her out in the projects she is running.

And it got me thinking. How many entrepreneurs are out there, knowing that they need help, but don’t know where to start?

I’ve compiled a list of 10 tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant today, that will help you move forward in your business.

Scheduling social media posts to your Facebook page

If you allow Virtual Assistant the access to your Buffer or Hootsuite account and provide the content needed, he/she can easily schedule the posts for you This can be done for 1 or 2 weeks ahead or even a month. If you don’t have a month worth of content ready to be scheduled, it doesn’t matter. Create content for one week and give it to a VA. Use the time to create further content.

Scheduling social media posts for your Facebook Group

This is especially useful if you have themed days in your group. This can be done for the whole month in advance. Let’s say it would take you about 30-45 minutes to schedule all the posts for the following month. You can use those 45 minutes to jump on a call with a prospect.

Post in your Facebook group on a daily basis

Sometimes you don’t want your Facebook group members to see that the post has been posted by Hootsuite. Your Virtual Assistant can, with access to your Facebook account, post the actual post at the time that you’ve agreed. It will take less than 10 minutes of VA’s time. The positive thing for you is that you don’t get sucked into Facebook and you can use that time later to interact by commenting on posts that others have shared.

Posting in other people’s groups

Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to schedule posts in groups where you’re not an admin. You can ask a Virtual Assistant to share the posts you’ve already written in the groups where you’re a member. These can be posts for any promotions you’re running, links to your blog posts or engagement posts.

Creating graphics for your social media posts using Canva

Let’s say you have a collection of posts that you want to post on social media and you want to use a nice image as a background. Select the images and text you want to use and let your Virtual Assistant combine the two. I know I can spend hours playing with Canva. If a VA has graphic design experience, it will take less time that it would take you.

Creating PDF’s and eBooks for challenges and your opt-in’s

Do I need to write anything else? You’ve put in so much effort into creating the content for your freebie or challenge that you’re running. After all that, you still have to create PDF’s or eBooks and design it. Get your VA to do that and you can focus on creating more content for your blog, sales funnels or social media posts.

Online research

You’re looking for a product or a service. You can spend hours and hours looking for what you need. Half-way through your research, you’ll most probably get distracted and start researching something else. Let the Virtual Assistant do that for you. A VA will stay on track as that is the task that was given. When finished, you will get a report so you can make a decision. Make sure that you’ve given detailed instructions what you’re looking for to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings.

Creating canned responses in your email

I’ve written about how you can create canned responses in Gmail in this blog post. That doesn’t mean you should do everything on your own. Let a Virtual Assistant go through your emails and create the templates for you, so you don’t have to write the same email over and over again.

Formatting blog posts

A Virtual Assistant can take the content you’ve written for the blog post, add it to your website, create a draft, add links and check that all links are working, break it into paragraphs, add featured images, tags, add headings… Once the draft has been created you can review the work and publish it or schedule it to be published in future.

Setting up a newsletter

You want to start writing a monthly newsletter to keep in touch with your audience. A VA can create a template for you, as well as create a draft for the newsletter that you’re planning to send out next month. Again you’ll provide the content and select the images while VA deals with adding the content, adding the links, checking that all links are correct and formatting of the content.

Remember that you don’t have to hire a VA for 10-20 hours a month. You can always start slow with few basic tasks.

Outsourcing tasks requires time and effort from both parties. You don’t have to wait to hire a VA until you have too much on your plate. Start with few basic tasks for 2-5 hours per month and then gradually increase the work.

Remember to stay in touch with your Virtual Assistant and discuss your ideas and future projects. A Virtual Assistant can tell you what they can do for you for that particular project you’re working on.

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