Project Management, Planning and Strategy

You’re launching a new program or setting up a new lead magnet, but you have no idea where to start.

You already have so much on your plate.

You feel overwhelmed and flustered by just thinking of all the things you need to do to make it happen.

You’re stuck and not really moving forward because besides running a business, working with clients and everything else you just simply can’t think of what you need to do.

You don’t have the headspace to think about that too. Not to mention all the tech options and technical terms that make your head spin.


Would you like to have someone break down the plan of your whole launch, manage the project, create a timeline and make sure that you stay on track?


Do you want to feel supported and in safe hands knowing that everything is being taken care of, while you are focusing on selling and connecting with your audience?

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs like you for 3 years now and I have supported them through many launches, projects and have helped them launch their masterminds, retreats and group programs.

I know what it takes to launch your new opt-in or your mastermind, I know how energy draining it can be.

I am here to be your guiding hand, to help you break down your strategy into actionable steps with a defined timeline of all the tasks that need to be done by you and the team that supports you.

Even if you only have one person helping you out.

I am here to make sure that you and your team stay on track, to relieve your mind of having to think what to do first and what needs doing next.

What do you get with this offer?


• A 90-minute live session with me where we will discuss the project and what do you want to achieve. You can ask any questions you might have about how this is going to work to better understand the whole process.

• We will analyse all the tech you are using at the moment and make a list of the tools you might need to get, to make sure you have everything you need to support your success

• I will create a written report within the next 7 days with a breakdown of the tasks that need to be done by you and the team that will support you in achieving your result

• The report will include the detailed plan broken down week by week so that you can go check it whenever you want and make sure that everything is on track

• It includes 30 days of email support from the day of the first call so that you can ask any questions you might have about the project and discuss whether everything is going according to the plan

• Feeling of relief knowing that you don’t have to think about all the things that need to be done

• Feeling of clarity and in control knowing why something needs to happen and when


How does it work?

Simple 🙂

Step 1


We get on a call and you tell me all the details I need to know so that I can create a plan.

This includes the details about the program/opt-in/mastermind etc, the important dates, the details about the promotion, who is on your team, who does what in your team, etc… Everything.

This helps me understand the whole process, what are you trying to achieve, what is your ideal outcome and helps me come up with the game plan.


Step 2


We analyse all the software that you’re using, all the tech that you currently have and we make a list and discuss what you might need to achieve your ideal plan.


Step 3


I then do my magic and create a written report within the next 7 days. This includes a breakdown of the tasks and the timeline that need to be done by you and every single team member that will support you in this.

This is usually broken down into weekly increments for easier time management.

I use Trello to create a board with the list of the tasks for you and each of your team members. I also include a video tutorial to explain how to use the Trello board for the project.


Step 4


We get on with work. We start collecting all the information that needs to be done so that everyone can start doing their thing.

I will keep track of what is being done, exchange information between team members, make sure that everyone is on track and keep you updated on progress.

You have 30 days of email support in case something comes up or you need to ask any questions.

Minor adjustments can be made to the plan, but any major change will incur further expenses.

Step 5


We finalise everything and then CELEBRATE. Whoop-whoop!


What is the investment for this package?


(Value of £3000)

Would you like to know more about this?

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