Let me set a scene for you on how I got to this stage of understanding, deep knowing, and alignment of why some online business strategies work and some don’t.

Believe me when I say I have seen a lot happen over the past 8 years since I started in the online business space.

📌 I joined the online business industry in 2015 as a Virtual Assistant, then as an Online business manager, then moved on to getting my NLP and Timeline Therapy practitioner certificate in 2019.

📌 This comprehensive certification (online prep for 8 months and 7 days in-person intensive where we implemented all of the techniques with each other) has provided me with the coaching and therapy foundations, that I went on to utilise with my clients, family and friends (and myself)

📌 And then in 2022, I got my Energetic Breakthrough Method Certification where I learned to implement energetic principles in my coaching and mentoring and which deepened and rounded up my existing knowledge. 

📌 I joined lots of online programs, courses and memberships where I acquired a lot of knowledge about different business-building strategies, copywriting, marketing, sales strategies, social media, email marketing… You name it.

(My hobby is learning, another ADHD trait and I fully own it – so when you work with me, there is a high chance I will pull out what to others seems like a piece of out of nowhere random information because my knowledge goes wide).

In this space of 8 years in the online world, I think I can say I have seen it all and I’ve witnessed how the industry developed and got here. 

I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of some online coaches and gurus, and I’ve seen people come and go, disillusioned and disappointed with the eroding ethics and integrity.

They enter the industry with high hopes and dreams,  on the back of big promises of flashy lifestyles and “multimillion business within 6 months”.  I admit I also believed in some of those promises which is what made the guilt worse.

I had the opportunity to witness many of the strategies, methodologies, and blueprints shared as THE solution to the pain of the consumers.

I’ve tried some of them, tested them out, realised why they didn’t work for me and had to process and work through all the emotions of disappointment, guilt, and shame for not being able to make them work for me. 

Here is why some of the online business strategies didn’t work for me (and why they might not be working for you): 

➡️  They were too advanced for the stage of business I was in, but I joined some programs as the pain of staying in the same situation outweighed my inner intuition

➡️  I believed “anything was possible for everyone no matter the circumstances”, and if I only worked harder, pushed myself more, and cleared one more “block” I could have the same results as *that person (who probably had a bigger support system or was child-free, and probably not sharing the full scope or picture of their challenges)

➡️  *I was a first-time mum, with a little kid who had multiple health issues and “never” slept, had no family support, limited childcare, and handling a chronic health condition myself, undiagnosed with ADHD and experiencing sensory overwhelm

➡️  I was trying to make the business work with the strategies and ways that work for neurotypical people, not realising these don’t work for me.

This caused me immense guilt and shame because I thought I was a failure for not being able to make it work as others did, which caused further anxiety and depression
(I later found out I was neurodivergent and had ADHD, and get overwhelmed with too much sensory input)

➡️  I put other people on a pedestal, gave more weight to their learnings and experiences, and put them above mine, ignoring my inner values, intuition, and experiences

➡️  I joined programs on the back of very high-energy launches, crashing afterward and not being able to bring myself to that same high with the type of learning offered at the time
(Knowing my neuro type now, I have a better idea of what am I looking for and what kind of engagement I need)

Now that I have found out what works for my neurology, knowing my sensory needs, developing deep self-trust and trust in my wisdom, and now being fully clear on my values and integrity – it is so much easier to know what approach works for me, what desires are actually mine and what am I looking for in programs and courses I intend to join so that it supports my neurology.

So when I say that I can understand your journey – now you know why. I was there myself. 

Is there any hope that you can make the online business work for you?

Is there a hope and possibility for you to create a thriving, profitable, AND enriching business, that funds your lifestyle, without compromising on your values or overwhelming your nervous system?

THERE IS! Keep reading.

It is possible once you get to know what is truly, and I mean truly, deeply aligned, on a soul and body level and you keep making decisions and taking actions from that space. 

Rather than from the space of replicating other people’s strategies and ways that work for them and their neurology, their personal circumstances. And I created a guide to help you refine that process for yourself. 

Through all of the ups and downs I’ve gone through over the year, I had to navigate all the emotions of disappointment with myself, as well as the mentors and coaches I worked with or bought from, and the online space.

I needed to work through the guilt and shame of getting to that space, to navigate unlearning of all the unhelpful beliefs I picked up along the way and learn to source the wisdom from within.

had no one to guide me and tell me what to do, how to navigate those challenging moments and feelings and to tell me where to go next. 

There was no one talking about it at the time. The message in the online spaces was loud and clear – take personal responsibility, get out of victim mode, and push through. “If I can do it, you can do it too. No excuses.”


I am truly grateful I had 2 friends who held the space for me and coached me through some really dark moments, to remind me to come back to my truth and my power. 

We had Zoom calls from time to time and we were often figuring out things by ourselves as we went along.

A lot of these things happened during the beginning stages of the pandemic and lockdowns, so the inner turmoil was heightened by having to isolate from the very beginning.


THIS, THIS is why I have created the “Roadmap to Alignment” guide and why I do what I do in my 1-2-1 work. 

Because I want to be that guide for others as they are coming to the same stage I was in only a few years back, and wondering whether they want to continue in the current online space climate. 


🔥 To be the guiding hand for you, which I didn’t have at the time, to hold the space for all of your emotions just like my friends held the space for me.

🔥  To support you forge a path forward to the thriving, profitable AND enriching business, that funds your lifestyle, without compromising on your values or overwhelming your nervous system. 

🔥  Holding the space for all that you have to bring to the table, without fears your success or growth will overshadow mine, allowing you to stay in your power whilst providing guidance, coaching and mentoring. 

Because that’s how I believe it should be.

A business that supports your lifestyle, however minimal or lavish, rather than uninspiring and draining the life and soul out of you.