Embrace the Multifaceted You in all your glory

Attract perfect-for-you clients, partners and friends – Without having to tone down your self-expression and character traits.


Embrace the Multifaceted You in all your glory

Attract perfect-for-you clients, partners and friends –

Without having to tone down your character traits 

When you fully own that you are the force to be reckoned with.

When you fully own and allow, all of your filtered and toned-down parts, to be brought forward.

When you unapologetically own all of the aspects of your personality, you will:

Stop hiding your multidimensional nature for someone else’s comfort or to avoid judgement

Be more loving and trusting towards yourself, recognising your true light

Experience life with a fire in your belly, being intentional with what you choose to experience

Reclaim autonomy of choice of what the future holds for you

Know with certainty that you’re capable of the BIG life & impact you’ve always dreamed of

It used to only be a dream of yours to make a big impact, but now you know you’re only scratching the surface of all that you can experience. 

You’re fu*king ready to make it a reality.

And I am going to walk you through it as you make those bold steps. 

No more taming & filtering down parts of yourself to be more palatable to others & to avoid hurting others’ egos.

It used to only be a dream of yours to make a big impact, but now you know you’re only scratching the surface of all that you can experience. 

You’re fu*king ready to make it a reality.

And I am going to walk you through it as you make those bold steps. 

No more taming & filtering down parts of yourself to be more palatable to others & to avoid hurting others’ egos.



When you’ve spent a lifetime suppressing your personality (often not even realising) and toning down the way you express yourself, you find yourself surrounded by clients and people who don’t vibe with you. 

The longer it goes, the longer you need to pretend you’re something you’re not and you start feeling lost and unable to be seen for who you are. 

The good news is that the “Facets of You” guides you to uncover all of those tamed-down, hidden parts of yourself, and bring all of those aspects of you to the front.

Because each of those aspects holds a unique strength and completes each other.

It guides you through the emotions and the process of rediscovery of self, as you re-learn to show up in your fullness and depth, unapologetically.

Bid goodbye to fears of wasted and unfulfilled potential, because now you’re ready to rise to the occasion and kick mediocrity to the curb

Say farewell to wilting away, watching the best years of your life pass you by – since you’re taking charge of how your life will look like from now on

No more scratching the surface of what you can experience, be and have – now you’re giving yourself the permission to have and take it all.

No more being a bystander when it comes to standing up for the causes that are important to you – because now you can use your voice, without fear, to bring attention to important global issues and advocate for those who need the extra support

Deep knowing and self-assuredness, grounded in your leadership, your truth, integrity and values, and making choices and actions from this energy

As I was in the middle of a launch in my business, leaping through to the next level of growth, at the same time all of these aspects of myself and significant past experiences were brought to the surface for me to attend to and for resolution. 

It was something I could no longer ignore and it appeared during the most inconvenient time of all.

Ena held the space for me to feel all of my emotions during this massive upheaval, but also guided me to regulate my nervous system, and most importantly to source the solutions and answers from within, rather than being told or taught what to do.

I felt heard, safe, understood, and guided, and I remember the shift in the energy and the calmness this brought. 

She supported me to quickly shift the chaos and upheaval into calm and harmony. 

It helped me to calm down and regulate my nervous system, not from somebody forcing me to calm down but by creating the space so I can come down by myself while being held energetically.

Ena held that space for me and it allowed me to process all of the emotions that were brought up, whilst also being able to show up for my business and my launch, whilst staying in my power. 

Sarka Chapman


You’ve waltzed into this predictable role in your life, not even recognising the person you’re seeing in the mirror. 

It wasn’t a conscious choice, but a domino effect of societal expectations. 

As if there was always someone making the decisions for you – and now you’re ready to be the one who writes your own story. 

The thing is, when you’ve spent a big chunk of your life dancing to the tune of someone else’s song – Tuning back into your own inner wisdom and finding YOU amongst the sea of other peoples influences takes intention and dedication. 

The good news is that the “Facets of You” 1-2-1 program will cut down months, if not years, it takes to do it by yourself. 

I will coach & guide you through the process of untangling the internal desires vs external expectations.

I will hold a safe space for all your emotions, and witness all of you without judgment.

I will coach you through the discomfort of making even bolder decisions and taking even more expansive actions.


Be more loving towards yourself, grounded in self-trust

Have faster and steadier business growth, undeterred by the journey of personal growth and emotional maturing

Be more magnetic and attract clients, partners and friends that match your vibe & your values, without having to tone down your character traits

Use your voice, without fear of backlash, to bring attention to social issues and causes that are important to you

I felt like the ground has disappeared from underneath my feet, everything I have known had gone as have been through some big changes in my life during the year prior to this.

I knew I wanted a better life for myself but didn’t know where I was going “wrong” or what needed changing.

Ena’s loving but direct approach and questions allowed me to uncover quite a few lost memories that have played a major role in creating some very unhealthy patterns of behaviours and beliefs.

I have repeated those patterns over and over in my life without knowing I was doing it, resulting in a life lived doing so many things without asking myself whether it was something I wanted or not.

Since our first session, I have realised lots of truths about myself and they keep coming up daily.

The experience of working with Ena has been revealing and positive.

I got to know myself on a deeper level and I am now feeling a lot less anxious and I feel grounded, anchored in my truth, and calm. Something I have been looking for all my life really.

Thank you so much, Ena, the time we spend together is beyond precious.

Martina Paul

You’ve watched life almost pass you by, others making decisions for you in which box you should fit, whether you should be speaking up about politics in your business, and what’s the best blueprint to follow to scale your business. 

You’ve given way too many years of your life catering to others’ needs. 

No more waiting. Even 3 months is too long. 

It’s time to spend the best years of your life ticking off your bucket list. 

It’s time to actively engage in creating a community and making a contribution. 

To use your voice to bring attention to global issues and create a change and engage your inner activist.  

Just imagine how much MORE ALIVENESS, joy and fulfillment is there for you on the other side of the getting to know yourself intimately through the deep inner work.

On the other side where your loved ones get to see and experience you in full joy, happy and regulated. 

And you get to savour every single precious moment.

Where you get to run and expand the business on YOUR terms, respecting your nervous system and the season of life you’re in.

If you make this conscious choice today, with my guidance, you could be there in 4 months.

▪️ The investment into this program gets you immediate access to the Deep Dive Questionnaire – so you can immediately get clarity on the specifics of your challenges/problems (because a problem specified is a problem, if not entirely, half-solved) 

▪️ Inside the program, you will be contacted within 48-72 working hours to book your first session – so that we can tailor the rest of the program to your specific needs and your specific challenges 

▪️ There will be 8 sessions in total, over the period of 4 months, 2 monthly sessions, approx 2 weeks apart, utilising a multitude of modalities like Timeline Therapy ®, NeuroLinguistic Programming, traditional coaching, mentoring, consciousness journeys and other energy work – so that you have regular and tailored support and modalities that work better for you

▪️ Voxer access to me on two working days per week (that we agree on) so that you can immediately attend to anything that pops up in between the sessions 

▪️ Reflection/Journalling prompts, tailored to your circumstances to deepen the learnings, breakthroughs and aha moments between sessions, as well as to get connected deeper to yourself and uncover what is often hidden by subconscious mind

As this program is highly tailored, what we will cover and work with is also tailored. 

Here are some examples of what we might be covering:

▪️ Attending to any inner wounds that need healing, reconnecting you to your biggest and most intimate desires and anything that is standing as an obstacle to achieving and living them in fullness. 

▪️ Addressing what is at the root of most unhelpful habits and behaviours and deeply rooted beliefs (the “shadow” aspects of yourself like the inner child, inner victim, saboteur, martyr and associated emotions like anger, fear, shame, guilt and hurt) that are often at the core.

So that you can detach from them and establish habits that serve you best NOW.

▪️ Tap into and embrace Ancestral Wisdom you might have forgotten or pushed aside out of shame 

▪️ Rewrite Generational Contracts and heal the ancestral line – so that you can cut ties with unwanted practices, expectations, behaviours, and beliefs of generations past and break the toxic cycles that have caused hurt and pain.

So that you can stop doing things as dictated by traditions, expectations, and rules that no longer resonate with you and break the toxic cycles. 

▪️ Release the suppressed anger and rage (if there is any) that’s wreaking havoc within, so that you can release the hold they might have on you and experience the deep joy and fulfillment (I will guide you on this with your prior agreement and permission)

Sure, you could book another holiday or a spa day that’s meant to be your self-care, all whilst your mind is running a million miles an hour.


Just imagine how much MORE ALIVENESS, joy and fulfillment is there for you on the other side of the getting to know yourself intimately through the deep inner work.

On the other side where your loved ones get to see and experience you in full joy, happy and regulated. 

And you get to savour every single precious moment.

Where you get to run and expand the business on YOUR terms, respecting your nervous system and the season of life you’re in.

If you make this conscious choice today, with my guidance, you could be there in 4 months.

About me, Ena Bautista

As a neurodivergent mindset coach and mentor (trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy®, and Energetic Breakthrough Method®), I’ve created this program to be all that you need in order to finally take the reigns of your life in its entiretyfrom the way you respond to going out of your comfort zone, the emotions you feel, the way you perceive challenges and obstacles, the way you talk to and take care of yourself, to the ways your subconscious mind affects your life and the way it spills into business and vice versa. 

And because I’ve been working with clients (and on myself) over the past 8 years, relentlessly working through all of my discomfort and inner growth,  I’ve put all of my experience, knowledge, certifications, learnings, AND unlearnings, into setting up this 1-2-1 program.  To be able to support and guide you as you start this journey yourself, to help you navigate through all that you will bring for resolution. So you can be supported, held, and kept on the course rather than tap in the dark by yourself.

Hand on heart, I can say how self-affirming, healing, validating and expansive this journey is. I also know how much you’re going to love the more unapologetic, self-assured and loving self, fully immersed into life and actually living it, savouring all the precious experiences you get to create and fund, with your thriving business fuelled by your joy and fulfillment. 

When you commit yourself to this work, open yourself up for the unravelling and intentionally work on the parts that have caused pain and friction, with my guidance… You will work through the discomfort, having faced all of you, and step into sovereignty.

You will take reign of all facets of your life, and step into the leadership of your life and business, on your terms.

No matter the previous inner work I’ve done, I still felt there were some limitations around my ability to receive in various different aspects of my life and business (money, support and pleasure)

There was a deep inner nudge to take a month off from my business, but my inner logician just couldn’t accept it, it felt like it was too much.

Ena took the time to understand what resonated with me, and through the consciousness journey and a metaphor of a Fire dancer (that had a deep meaning to me) I was able to source my answers within me.

My inner guidance showed me that I was at the edge of something big for me, on the verge of an uplevel, and that it was the time for me to open myself to receive it and have trust.

With Ena’s guidance, I worked through the logical part of me, took the (uncomfortable) action that was right for me, and soon after, I signed a new client into my year-long 1-2-1 coaching. 

I opened my heart and released some strong emotions and afterward felt so ecstatic for what is to come.

Thank you Ena for this wonderful experience.

Eva Holtakova



(Savings of £2000)


4x PAYMENTS OF £3500

Want to have a chat to see whether we are the right fit to work together?

It might feel counter-intuitive to get yourself into the discomfort of deep and radical honesty and transparency as you get to know yourself more intimately. 

The fact is, that permanent level of dissatisfaction (because you KNOW you could do, be and have more), that underpins your daily experiences will not go away on its own without unraveling what’s making you feel this way.

THAT requires a level of dedication and intention, commitment and discomfort that you haven’t yet given yourself.

When you do this, there is another layer of love, appreciation and admiration you develop towards yourself as you get grounded and anchored into sovereignty.

Ultimately, this is not just another superficial exploration of “faults” and self-criticism, or finding yet another thing to work on yourself for the next few years.

Get to know yourself to depths you’ve never given yourself the opportunity to dive in before.

Unravel and discern what is truly yours and what’s just an external expectation you’ve accepted as your glass ceiling.

Explore the experiences and emotions you’ve denied yourself and give yourself the permission to go for it… Unapologetically.


You’ve tried it all, searched far and wide and haven’t found the answer.


When you work with me, you get:

Coaching, mentoring, accountability, guidance and healing all in one

Coaching sessions tailor-made to your specific circumstances and your specific needs

Voxer hours with me in between the sessions

Reflection prompts to deeper the healing and the work we will do together

A safe space to bring all of it for resolution

With Ena’s loving guidance, I was able to let go of a deeply seated belief that had a profound impact on my day-to-day life, decisions and behaviours. I had been holding onto this belief for 48 years.

Before our session together I was feeling stuck in my business, my life felt out of alignment and I didn’t know what else to try anymore.

It felt such a relief and weight off to release it.

Since our session, I’ve had so much more clarity about the direction of my business and some circumstances that had been stuck in my life are now moving forward and aligning much quicker than anticipated. 

Thank you Ena, for a truly magical, life transforming experience.

Jacqui Bourne


▪️ How confidential is your service? I don’t necessarily want the whole world to know every single bit that we talk about or that we are working together

As confidential as you want it to be. I don’t share client case studies or testimonials without prior permission, and always check in whether they are happy to share it publicly or anonymously. 

I also don’t do big announcements of who signed up to work with me, unless this is something you want and with your permission.

▪️ How diverse & inclusive is your service? Do you work with queer & trans folks, disabled people, people of colour and men?

This program is open to everyone who feels called to work with me. This is a safe space for queer and trans folk, people of colour, people with disabilities (including neurodiversities), as well as cis-het women and men.

Over the past 3 years, I have been educating myself on the topics of racism, ableism, eugenics, capitalism, and transphobia and the larger systems of oppression at play.

As a later-in-life diagnosed neurodivergent person, I’ve also been learning about ADHD and autism which has made me rethink my marketing, selling and coaching strategies and make adjustments in the way I do things.

Not only have I been educating myself on these topics, but I have been doing intentional work to make changes to my offerings, the language I use, and the resources I provide because they no longer resonate and align with my new learnings.

I am aware that there is still more work to do, to unpack, unlearn, and improve and I am committed to continuing to do the deep inner work however uncomfortable it might be, and make adjustments along the way.

▪️ I'm a neurodivergent or a suspected neurodivergent person, will this work for me?

Even as a neurodivergent person myself, I can’t fully guarantee that. How neurodivergence affects me will not be the same as how it affects you. 

What I can assure is that I will give my best to understand your specific challenges related to neurodivergence and the impact it has on your life, draw on my life experience as an ND person in a neurotypical world, and strategies that I have implemented or learned about to support myself/others, so that together we can find a way that works for you. 

If at any phase it transpires that due to your unique set of challenges and circumstances, I am not the best person to support you we can talk about how to proceed and move forward.

▪️ I am a coach, I can do this myself, I know all of this stuff

Precisely why you should consider working with someone. You and I both know that we can’t see our blind spots, that we can’t recognise our patterns of behaviours or beliefs, unhelpful energies as well as we can for other people. Also, we are not fully able to be objective on the topic and the circumstances no matter how well trained we are as a coach. 

Knowing something, being educated on a specific topic, and understanding a problem is a whole other ball game than being able to work through it. 

Having another person guide you through it, and hold the energy for you when you’re going through the depths of the emotions and inner turmoil is what makes a difference because, as a coach, guide, and healer, I can stay detached from the subject matter and support you for the highest good of all. 

▪️ I’m a mum/parent/primary/default carer will this work for me?

As a mum, a parent, and the primary/default carer myself, I understand the challenges that come along with that. 

I have found myself often not being understood for this matter, told that I was making excuses and not understood that sometimes things happen that are out of my control. 

For this reason, I have a lot of understanding for parents who are going through similar experiences. 

Will I be understanding about your challenges – yes I will, but I will also keep you accountable and let you know when I think you might be self-sabotaging under the guise of parenthood (something I recognise I have done myself in the past). 

We can then work together to find a way that works for you whilst holding a high level of self-responsibility and accountability.

▪️ I’m not a business owner, I have a career and similar challenges, can you support me?

Of course I can. I’ve always loved the quote “What’s personal is Universal”.

Whilst it can feel lonely while we’re in the thoughts and challenges we experience, I have found that, at the very core of all the problems and challenges, are usually the same things. Universal to all of us. Packaged up in different scenarios. 

In my space we deal with emotions, beliefs, habits and behaviours, the circumstances or scenarios usually do not matter as much, as they are often just a byproduct of the beliefs we hold within. 

▪️ There are no tangible physical outcomes or quick fixes

I rarely talk about specific tangible financial outcomes/figures in my coaching and marketing as I believe that they happen as the result of inner work.

Not saying that they will not happen, because in most cases they do, but my work doesn’t focus primarily on the external, but on the internal. 

And as we both know, you’ve done the work and achieved the tangibles and the external goals and you’re searching for something deeper than that. 

As much as the industry might have convinced you that there is a quick fix to everything when it comes to inner healing and growth, this is not something that can be promised. 

Does it mean you won’t experience immediate breakthroughs? Not at all. They are absolutely possible and most likely there will be some immediate breakthroughs, and some things will probably take some time. 

The healing can’t be rushed. It is not linear nor predictable. It doesn’t happen on our timing or our terms. Sometimes it means we have to take a few steps back. 

This is precisely why it is beneficial to have someone to remind you of that whilst you going through the thick of it. 


You no longer want to outsource your confidence, belief in yourself, and solutions to your challenges to others
You are ready to listen to the calling from within for a deeper connection to self, healing and fulfilment, ready for a deeper sense of self, authenticity, aliveness and joy
You are READY TO BE AN ACTIVE AND INTENTIONAL PARTICIPANT IN YOUR HAPPINESS and healing, to take responsibility for your inner world and emotional skills
You are not chasing the quick fix (not that this coaching can’t be quick and powerful) and are willing to sit with yourself in discomfort to break through to the other side
You want to learn how to recognise when to distance yourself from something because of misalignment and when you need to sit down to process the uncomfortable stuff that makes you want to run away and face your “flaws”

Even though this coaching experience is very powerful,

this experience is NOT for the person who: 

Doesn’t take personal responsibility – Yes, there are external circumstances that we can’t affect, but that has to come with taking personal responsibility for your part.
Wants to settle – If you’re ok to settle for the nagging dissatisfaction within this is not for you. This deep work is for the ones who know there is so much more joy, happiness, fulfillment and harmony to experience
Thinks they’re too good or above it to do the work – Whilst I am skilled in guiding clients who come up against subconscious resistance even if they consciously want to work on it, I have no intention to spend my time  “convincing” you to do the necessary work or proving my worth
All talk, no action – Energy is the most potent tool you can use in your life and business, yet it is almost useless if it’s not backed by powerful (sometimes uncomfortable) action.
Not willing to get uncomfortable – Deep inner work requires you to sit with the discomfort and explore its roots. Whilst it might be uncomfortable to be faced with your “imperfections” the other side is filled with so much more joy, satisfaction and fullfillment.

The time of outsourcing your self-belief, confidence and the solutions of  your challenges to other people is over.

The era of your grounded sovereignty starts now.